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The way color is perceived involves texture and the way light plays off the surface. Depending on the texture, two different objects of the same hue can appear to be different in color. Smooth , satiny surfaces reflect light and make color appear lighter, brighter, and more intense. Uneven, nubby, matte surfaces absorb light and make color appear darker and more subdued.

A carpet's surface not only affects the way color is perceived, it also affects the illusion of space and creates an atmosphere that reflects our tastes, interests, and lifestyle. Carpet with an uneven surface create a vibrant and stimulating effect while carpet with a smooth, velvety surface reflects elegance and luxury.

  1. Level Looped
  2. Cut Pile
  3. Velvet Plush
  1. Saxony
  2. Textured Saxony
  3. Frieze


Level Looped

This type of carpet consists of loops of equal height throughout. This is the preferred construction for the Berber style with its random flecks of color. This creates a tight surface that keeps soil at the surface, making carpet care and cleaning easy. Looped construction offers exceptional durability and a unique look with a slightly rougher feel.

Cut Pile

Berber Cut-Pile

Cut pile loops are cut leaving individual yarn tufts. This remains one of today's most popular constructions. Durability is achieved by the type of fiber, density of tufts, and the amount of twists in the yarn.

Velvet Plush

This rich, luxurious surface is styled for any room with little traffic such as a formal living or dining room. Velvets are very smooth, elegant textures and tend to show most footprints, vacuum marks, and traffic.


Saxony is another popular style of carpet today. It offers a solid color surface like velvet but with a rougher finish that helps minimize marks and footprints. This is great for a less formal room such as a family room or den.

Textured Saxony

Tough enough for any room with all the features of Saxony. This carpet's sculpted design won't show dirt or footprints easily.


Frieze is a smart choice for any high traffic areas--family rooms, foyers, or bedrooms. They are less likely to show vacuum marks or footprints. The short, tight twist carpet makes a frieze carpet the best wearing non-loop carpet.


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