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Mohawk color wheelAs the two largest areas in a room, the carpet and walls control the color theme. In selecting a carpet color, do not feel limited by the room as it is today. Aim for the right color scheme, starting off with the carpet. Paint or wallpaper is relatively inexpensive. Draperies can easily be changed, and reupholstering or covers can change the entire "feel" of a room.

Carpet color and texture affect the character of our room. Rooms that lack sunlight can be "warmed" and lightened with sunny yellow, apricot, or soft warm beige. Cool colors, such as blues and greens, soften or "cool" a room with lots of windows or a sunny exposure.

bulletLight colors generally show less footprints; dark colors show less soil and stains.
bulletA "dull" yarn will show less footprints; lustrous, while "shiny" yarns show more highlights and accents.
bulletTo minimize maintenance, light colors are best restricted to areas of the house such as formal living rooms, dining rooms, and guest bedrooms.
bulletMulticolored carpets are extremely effective in minimizing the effects of everyday dirt and soil.



Color can be called on to perform decorating magic. It can visually alter space, camouflage or highlight details, create a mood, and it labels your home with your own personal style.

If you are looking to cozy up a room with a northern or eastern exposure you should use a dark colored carpet. Deep, rich hues absorb light giving the illusion of a smaller, more intimate space. On the other side of the spectrum, pale pastels and neutrals are used to create a large, open space.

The tone of the color also can affect the overall look of a room and personal moods. Warm colors such as reds, yellows, and oranges excite and cheer. They are conducive to activity making them obvious choices for kitchens, family rooms, and children's rooms. Cool colors including blues, greens, and violets lean toward introspection and calmness. These colors are ideal for a living room or master bedroom. The more subtle, grayed tones of cool colors assume a kind of sophistication and formality that makes them right for both traditional and contemporary settings.

  1. Traditional
  2. Country
  1. Eclectic
  2. Contemporary


Traditional: Soft & Romantic

Traditional furnishings create a soft and romantic feel with their elegant curves and classic designs. Carpet colors with a muted, dusty quality such as copper, rose, delft blue, blue-greens, grays, and pastels accent this style perfectly. Appropriate floor fashions would include a high quality carpet with a luxurious dense pile such as Saxony plush, level loop, or random shear.

Country: Welcome Home

The charming furnishings, tools, and handmade crafts of a simpler time have always held great appeal for us. The sturdy, simple, and straightforward design of country style pieces reflect a comfortable, casual lifestyle. The ideal carpet for a country scheme is one with a subdued luster that is as formal or informal as the furnishings. You might choose a modified earth tone or muted color such as winter moss Saxony carpet which blends with the light wood and upholstery creating a warm, welcoming look.

Eclectic: Bold & Sophisticated

A blend of the past and present are characteristics of an eclectic interior. This is one of the most challenging schemes because it takes careful planning to avoid creating mismatched pieces. A carpet that is subdued in tone, rich in texture, and fairly pattern-free creates a subtle backdrop for a beautiful mix of furnishings. You might consider neutral tones such as antique white or gray so your furnishings can take center stage.

Contemporary: Pure and Simple

Contemporary styling is practical and honest. To complement a pure and simple contemporary look, a carpet with a smooth finish and texture is the perfect choice. Upscale colors such as warm mauves, teals, peaches, corals, creamy whites, or lavender add softness to high-tech furnishings.



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