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While all carpets will require general maintenance and cleaning, no carpet is absolutely stain proof. Only about 20 percent of carpet soil is soluble in water or solvent. You can remove much of the remaining 80 percent by vacuuming daily.

Regular carpet maintenance includes:

  1. Vacuuming and spot cleaning your carpet daily.
  2. Pay attention to high traffic areas.
  3. Clean up spills as soon as possible.
  4. Schedule an annual carpet cleaning by a trained carpet care professional.

To ensure that spots are removed properly, keep a carpet first aid kit handy that contains:


Dry cleaning solvent e.g. perchlorethylene


Detergent solution 1 tsp. of non-bleach powder in 1 cup of water


bulletAmmonia solution to neutralize acid stains 1 tsp. of ammonia in 1 cup of water
bulletVinegar or citric acid solution to neutralize alkaline stains
bulletWhite absorbent cloths or paper towels

Remember, no carpet is bullet proof!



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